How it works

For Buyers

  • Buyer selects a property for housing and contributes a minimum of 10% of the property value for a maximum duration of 25 years
  • Company provides an online platform for multiple investors to contribute a maximum of 90% of the property value (Crowd Funding)
  • Buyer pays monthly rental on the investor’s contribution
  • Buyer will pay additional amount to increase his shares in property through equal monthly repayment over an agreed duration until he owns complete 100% of the property value
  • House price will remain same over payback period i.e. no re evaluation of property value
  • If buyer decides to sell the property, profit and loss will be shared proportional

to the shares of buyer and investors


For investors.

Investors will fund multiple properties purchase, repayment from buyer (capital + rent) will be accumulated into the fund.

Accumulated amount will be used to buy another property e.g. rent of 16 properties can buy 17th property in 1 year, 18th in next year and so on

Addition of new properties will increase fund value, hence investors share value

Investors get dividends on a regular intervals (Quarterly / Half yearly)

Over a long term period the investor’s investment value will grow multiple folds

Investor can withdraw funds at any point, In this case his share will be available for other investors to buy.