• How is it different to Al Ryan bank
  • Al Ryan bank don’t share profit and loss, they only interested in their capital repayment and profit, due to their bench marking borrower usual pay more than market rent
  • Can investor withdraw their money
  • Yes, investor can offload their share of the fund, they can sale their share on this platform
  • What if buyer couldn’t keep re payment
  • House will be repossessed and if no other takers available, it will be off loaded in the open market, profit and loss will be split between investors and buyers proportionally
  • Is it open for whole UK
  • For few years, our focus is on South East only
  • Is their any restriction on buyer or investors
  • Buyer has to qualify through usual credit check and affordability test, investment is open for EU residents only
  • Special purpose vehicle
  • It is not possible for more than four people to be listed on a UK land registry deed, as such each property in this fund will be owned by a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”), which will be UK Limited Company, that you can then in turn buy shares in. There is a different SPV for each and every property; therefore you will always know that you are investing in a specific property chosen by you.
  • What if this fund dissolve
  • Each property investment will be separately ring-fenced from the assets and liabilities of, as well as any other property investments on the platform.
  • If this fund fall into financial distress an alternative manager could be appointed to continue management of the assets in accordance with the terms of investment.
  • Any funds held in your account not invested in property will held in a client monies bank account in accordance with FCA rules. Separate bank account that is ring-fenced from the monies of this fund and will be returned to investors in the event of fund falling into financial distress